Silos and Tanks


Silos. Silo and Screw Production.

Silo designing according to your process requirements.

Dismountable Silo (Compact transportation)


Silo Production (cement bulk storage)


Silo (cement bulk storage, flour storage room or storage for other bulky materials) is a vertical cylindrical vessel made of sheet metal. Silo in its lower part passes from cylindrical form into conic frustum. The construction is mounted on supports fixed with anchor bolts on a preassembled concrete foundation area.

Silos are provided by:

  • Valves for opening/ closing of material handling;
  • An aeration system for cement anticaking in the lower part of the silo;
  • An inspection eye enabling to do examination, cleanout, and problemsolving inside of a silo;
  • A charging tube (cement pneumatic loading channel into silo);
  • A Ladder enabling to get to the head area;
  • A safety skirt, settable at the top part of the silo;
  • A filter, which removes cement kiln dust from exhaust air;
  • A safety relief valve;
  • Plates and bolts.

The silo vertical configuration helps to use the space sparingly with large enough amount of store materials. Another advantage of a silo over the common storage is an enhanced safety from external weather factors (rain, dampness, etc.)

We provide you with technical documentation, layouts, foundation reinforcement plan, anchors casting schematic view, foundation grouting plan, windage and foundation load analyses.

More: Screw feeder configuration, sensor installation and display image of a cement level in a silo are possible.

Commodity prices are forming according to the customer’s technical requirements.

The most common silo capacity size – 30, 60, 150, 250, 500, 1 000, 5 000 tons

A reconstructed silo delivery is possible. In this case you get a modernized good-quality item in far more favourable price.

Restoration and repair works to pre-owned silos. Additional supply of missing parts


We supply reclaimed pre-owned silos with full additional equipment.