The worldwide leader in producing steel metalwork unsupported long-span constructions.

Over the last 40 years the company ВЕНLEN Industries LP have become the largest producer of steel metalwork pre-fabricated buildings in Canada. We have a busy clientele all over the world due to a growing authorized dealer network and we continue to work at worldwide leader reputation in our field.

Our success is achieved through the product quality, applied innovations and effective work with customers to solve the tasks that we are facing.

Frameless steel constructions distinguish themselves by the low power consumption and long-term service. They give an opportunity to provide with maximal flexibility while designing and making construction solutions, and also have a wide range of application. Our highly competent team continuously strives to exceed the expectations of our customers.

The first producer of unsupported long-span buildings with the width of span to 95m (313’).

  • Constructions distinguish themselves by the low power consumption, long-term service and have a wide range of application.
  • The firth North American producer of the steel metalworks for building erection, who got a ISO 900 certification.
  • Platinum status among the 50 best Canadian companies for the quality of management criterion.
  • Canadian standard certification of the steel metalwork С5А А pre-fabricated building system
  • We present quality products and services due to economically efficient construction solutions in time and as a part of a budget.
  • Service and technical support of the regional services.
  • Growing dealer sales network all over the world.
  • Certification in the Russian Federation.
  • The system of voluntary certification in the area of fire safety(Compliance certificate № НСОПБ.СА.ПРO 19/2.Н.00349, Compliance certificate № НСOПБ.СА.ПРO19/2.Н.00350)
  • Moscow voluntary certification system in construction (Compliance certificate № РМСС.085.209.26196)
  • Certification system ГОСТ Р (Compliance certificate № Р0СС.СА.АГ75.НO3824)

Voluntary Certification System of management system “VCS-MS” № РОСС RU.3791.04OШ01 (Certificate of quality management system compliance№ РОСС RU.ОС03.СМК.00134)

Flexibility And LowCost

The Company BEHLEN proudly presents CORP-SPAN – the unique system of unsupported steel constructions. The system distinguishes itself by the visual amenity, operational flexibility, and life duration while using construction technology, which helps to safe time, labor contribution and materials.

Buildings, constructed by CORP-SPAN PANELS avoid the necessity for structional steel usage. This unique system helps us to offer the energy efficient solution with a low price

Our buildings are distinguished by the interior space with width to 100m (328 foots) entirely free of structural units, such as columns and trusses. It gives our customers an unprecedented flexibility in constructional solutions.

Energy Efficiency

The constructional steel absence gives to our buildings the advantage of thermal covering. Reasonable insulating material is easily installing with the help of isolation pads, minimizing electric power losses made by thermal bridging. Different ways of thermal covering can be applied to the wall panels – from spray materials to sheet and rolling materials.

Hung Ceiling And Unfinished Attic System

Unfinished attic can be easily provided with heat insulation with the help of inexpensive blowing insulating material with a coefficient of thermal insulation to K-50, which will perfectly protect from heat and cold. Besides, ventilating unfinished attic helps to reduce electrical energy expenses, and eliminates the risk, that insulation materials will absorb moisture.

Typical Structural Unit