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Production of metal constructions

Our company produces metal constructions.

Metal constructions to be ordered

In the world there is a tendency to increase production of metal constructions every year. The facilities are popular due to their efficiency, superior performance, durability, aesthetics, high resistance to negative influences. High-functional metal constructions are represented in assortment of the company.

Industrial Association produces frames and sites of the industrial buildings, galleries, bridge constructions, suspended constructions of the monorail tracks and road constructions, as well as the metal constructions of small architectural forms. Metal constructions of hangars, bunkers, conveyor belts, filling stations, accommodation cabins, kiosks, road weather stations and signs are in high demand not only in Kiev and Ukraine, but also in neighboring countries.

Metal production plant has a full range of modern technological equipment, which allows for the manufacture and installation of metal constructions of any complexity, whether these are manufacturing, warehouses and leisure facilities, sports facilities and private buildings. The company also carries out the dismantling of the high-rise buildings of any complexity, the reconstruction of residential buildings and construction of attics.

Present day realities are such that more and more customers prefer pre-fabricated, light, openwork and reliable metal buildings. Foreign countries have moved to the efficient construction technologies – metal constructions. Despite the fact that this direction for the domestic construction is new, its popularity is growing from day to day. Private landlords have immediately appreciated the affordable price and high reliability of the metal elements such as the metal doors, bars on the windows, metal gutters, spiral staircases, gates and metal fences. Metal constructions Zhytomyr perfectly match the stated requirements, and have the optimal price-quality relationship.

Advanced technologies are included in every home in the form of the metal pegs, metal ties to the timbers, screw jacks, beams and the massive channel bars. Principally new constructive forms and high strength corrugated and perforated metal profiles with a low content of alloying elements are used in the modern construction. The use of S-shaped constructions, made according to the American technologies, facilitates the total weight of the objects and construction terms without reducing its quality performance. Advantages of the metal constructions are: resistance to the temperature, corrosion resistance, the possibility of heat insulation, light weight, incombustibility, toughness, reliability, durability

Metal constructions can be ordered online or by the phone +38 (0412) 36-04-95

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[us_testimonial author=”Anton Ivanovich” company=”Kiev”]I got acquainted with “Sever-Stal” in 2010. I had a task from which other companies refused, but this company didn’t disappoint me and fulfilled everything in a good quality. I was very pleased with the company and order metal constructions production up to now. [/us_testimonial]
[us_testimonial author=”Aleksander Aleksandrovich” company=”Zaporozhye”]The main advantage of the metal constructions is reliability. It especially concerns the massive constructions, under which thousands of people work every day. While searching for a contractor, I rejected a lot of offers. But the specialists of the Sever Stal were able to show and prove that the quality of their work is the quality you can trust![/us_testimonial]

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